Regrettably we must inform you of the sad news that our services at Dost will terminate at the end of May 2017. Therefore, we are closing or referring cases on as appropriate and we much appreciate your cooperation with us on this.

As you may be aware, Dost has struggled with securing funding under its current structure. As such, the Dost team – including our volunteers – are in the process of setting up Dost as an independent entity. We are hoping the outcome of these efforts could see Dost re-open after a pause in service, but we cannot confirm this at this stage. 

We are in the process of informing young people of this news and hope you can support them during this time. 

Thank you very much for working alongside Dost in the interest of young people, we hope to work with you again in the future.

If you feel you may be able to offer any assistance or support to set up as an independent entity then please inform us (contact the service manager: