Young People

“Dost is like my parents – with different problems, there are different people to tell them to, but for help, you can ask anyone.”

“There are no false promises, and they will not let you down. This is a home away from home. They embrace anybody.”

“I wasn’t sure about coming [to Dost]. At that time I was really paranoid about everything…For me it was an issue of trust. I wasn’t sure who to trust and who to really talk to…But they [Dost] were very kind of open people. It was not like an institution where you come in and someone has ten minutes to talk to you. I could come here and talk more and more and find out what my issues were.”


“Dost offers high quality support and care to the most disadvantaged; I have been extremely impressed by Dost’s commitment and persistence in creating networks of sophisticated psychosocial support for those young refugees who are liable to fall between the cracks of the statutory agencies. We have referred a number of young people to Dost, all of whom have had a good outcome. We are very pleased to continue to consolidate our partnership with Dost for the good of these most disadvantaged young people.”

– Percy Aggett, Head of Family Therapy at Newham Child & Family Consultation Service