The countdown to Christmas

Now that we’re in December, it’s impossible to miss the fact that Christmas is coming… With festive decorations in all the shops and regular reminders of how many shopping days there are left until the big day, this is one holiday we just can’t ignore.

Whether you’ve already done all of your Christmas shopping or are just starting to think about it, for many of us this is a time to count our blessings and spend some quality time with friends and family.

However, there are many who are not so fortunate. The children and young people that we help here at Dost are all new to the UK and some of their families are struggling to settle here. Others have fled countries to escape from war and have arrived without their families. Many of these young people have lost the very foundations of their lives; their homes, friends, way of life and often, most painfully, their parents.

Christmas is a particularly hard time for our young people, as the country closes down for a whole day and the pain of their loss can hit twice as hard when there is no-one to talk to.

That’s why we provide a Christmas meal every year, so that those who are alone can come together and celebrate with friends.

Dost – A home away from home

In a research study earlier this year from UeL Dost was described as having a ‘transformative positive impact’ on the children and young people we help. One of our young people said, “I have no family. They are my family.” So what better way to spend Christmas? Here’s what our young people have to say about the annual Christmas meal:


Help us deliver this Christmas

Dost survives solely on the generosity of funders to deliver our essential services and additional events, such as the Christmas meal and trips for our young people, are funded through donations. Without your help, we would not be able to provide this meal. This year, we would also like to offer a small gift for each of the young people we help and establish an emergency fund so that we can offer help to those who need it, so that they can buy warm clothes and food.

If you would like to help us deliver this Christmas, you can do so by texting DOST99 £3 (or any other amount – every little helps!) to 70070. Or you can head over to our Just Giving page and donate there. If you are not able to donate at this time, you can also help by sharing this blog via your social media networks, using the tag #HelpDostDeliver.

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