Dost headlines in Newham

Earlier this month, a team of young people from Dost presented their plans to improve the borough of Newham and work with other groups within London.

This presentation was part of Athan 31, a London-wide programme developed by London Youth, to empower young people to make a difference to their local community.

The Newham Recorder covered our Athan 31 panel meeting and we made the headlines! You can read the article on their website.

Dost has been part of Athan 31 since it began in June 2012. Our young people have enjoyed planning and getting involved in sessions as part of the panel, which has helped them to develop new skills. Since July, the young people have completed the first two stages of the project: ‘My Group’ and ‘My Club.’ This has meant that so far, they have been able to plan projects that benefit them and their Youth Club.

Our young people are now on the ‘My Community’ stage of the process, which will be enable them to work with other local groups on projects that will benefit  the wider community.  Our upcoming Garden Grafitti Project is funded by Athan 31.


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