Dost youth fill up on ‘Feast’

Recently a group of young people from Dost headed to the Young Vic Theatre at Waterloo, to see new Yoruba music and dance show, Feast.

The story centres around three sisters separated by a mischievous trickster whose greatest pleasure comes from creating chaos. The audience follow them on their journey across continents and centuries in an effort to be reunited.

Described by the Young Vic theatre as “A once-in-a-lifetime production that celebrates the world’s most spirited culture,” the show certainly lived up to its promise.

It was colourful, lively, full of history, music and singing, culture and laughs.

Here’s what the young people had to say afterwards:

“It was great!”

“It’s too sweet!”

“My days been good, ‘cause I have been shooked!”

“Very cultural – showed what they do, what they believe etc.”

“I loved the music, very enjoyable for me.  Sitting right at the front alone, I felt the full force of music, good to have that experience.”

“…a man dancing in his red pants on the table!”

Feast is on at the Young Vic theatre until 23 February and tickets are still available.  We highly recommend it!

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