Getting going on our Garden project

Last month, a team of young people from Dost got together during the half term week to get to work on our Growing Minds garden project, funded by Groundwork, in Newham, East London.

Following the design workshop in January, everyone was keen to get down to the garden and start realising the teams’ vision of this community garden. Despite weather being cold enough to keep many of us indoors, a good team of young people turned up and worked together to transform the garden.

How the garden looked before!

Over the three days, we cleared the space – which was a day’s work in itself! – weaved a willow wall, planted fruit trees and strawberries and created a low flower bed, in which we will be planting seasonal vegetables.

Weaving the wall
Building the flowerbed


The (half!) finished wall
Planting strawberries


Despite some grumbles about the cold, the team really enjoyed the time spent in the garden and worked well together to make a real difference. In just three days,  we got a great deal of work done.

‘Am I enjoying it? Yeah. It’s something different.’

‘It’s cold! But it’s something to do. I was here yesterday too, and the day before. It’s sort of fun’

You can see more pictures of what we’ve done so far over at our Flickr account. There is still a lot more to do and we will be heading back during the Easter break to finish up, and add some original graffiti artwork to hang on the garden walls. Watch this space for the next update and some ‘after’ pictures!


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